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Giant and Professional Coliseum

Constructed specially for international and national sports events, such as Olympic Games,  Intercontinental Game and National Games etc. with IAAF Class 1 or Class 2 certification. Novotrack is the surfaces supplier for 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th National Games as well as the 7th Military World Games.

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City Sports Center

With the quick development of Chinese sports industries, each city would have one or more city sports centers for provincial sports competition, thus Chinese Athletic association’s Class 1 or Class 2 certification is required. They are also opened to public and people could have their daily exercises there. Novotrack has installed the surfaces on the standard 400M tracking field for many city sports centers.

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School Campus

Tracking fields of 400M, 300M and 200M are made according to the actual size of each university, high school and primary school. Novotrack has done a lot of such kind of tracking fields in China and foreign countries.  Our products meet both the IAAF requirements and the state environmental protection regulations.

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Multi-purposes Playground for Kindergarten

Novotrack has choices of bright and colorful surfaces for protecting the children from sports harm with high standard of environmental protection.

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City Parks Greenway

Novotrack supplies kinds of surfaces with environmental protection for the city parks where people could go for walking, jogging or biking.

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Tianjin NOVO Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Novotrack Rubber Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with total investment of RMB12 million , focusing specially in manufacturing, installing and maintaining, R&D of various kinds of prefabricated sports rubber surfaces. We are the national high and new tech enterprise having the capacity of 400,000 square meters and the output of RMB 80 million yearly and many pending patents.

  • We are supplying products to our customers with supreme quality and the most competitive prices in the shortest time according to their requests

  • We are concentrating our efforts to the products quality and meanwhile we will always attach the importance of our duty for the environmental protection and people’s health.

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