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Rubber Running Track Mat NOVO Academy

Rubber Running Track Mat NOVO Academy
Product Features

The prefabricated rubber athletic track surfaces are globally recognized to be the replacement of the traditional PU(polyurethane) ones. The one-time embossing workmanship makes the perfect quality and advantage of strong wear-resistance, anti-slippery, shocking adsorbent, excellent elasticity, anti-aging and long lasting durability. Further, they do not have the problems of the rubber granules coming off the surfaces. The surfaces could be recycled after its lifespan. They have passed the tests to be completely in conformity with the regulations made by IAAF(International Association of Athletics Federations). The surfaces also have been tested according to more strictly chemical standards required by the GB-36246-2018 to be environment protected products.

The main material that we are using is natural rubber and the track surfaces are made into two layers. The upper (wear-resistant) layer is a bit harder than that of the bottom layer and the elasticity for the two layers is not same. The surface is moulded with irregular convex lines while the back of waffle pattern forming 8400 concave air cushions per square meter after it has been glued onto the asphalt basement, thus further enhancing its anti-slippery, elasticity and shocking absorbent, making less harm for the players. Our workmanship guarantees that the surfaces would not have the problem of splitting between the two layers. Multi colors could be provided to give the players better and comfortable sports surroundings.

We could insure the quality of installation using our own adhesive because of its stable chemical and weathering properties as well as the environmental protections.

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Executive Standard
  • IAAF 《World Athletic Book of Rules》 current edition

  • IAAF 《Track And Field Facilities Manual》current edition

  • China National Standard GB 36246-2018

  • China National Standard GB/T 14833-2011

  • China National Standard GB/T 22517.6-2011

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Tianjin NOVO Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Novotrack Rubber Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 with total investment of RMB12 million , focusing specially in manufacturing, installing and maintaining, R&D of various kinds of prefabricated sports rubber surfaces. We are the national high and new tech enterprise having the capacity of 400,000 square meters and the output of RMB 80 million yearly and many pending patents.

  • We are supplying products to our customers with supreme quality and the most competitive prices in the shortest time according to their requests

  • We are concentrating our efforts to the products quality and meanwhile we will always attach the importance of our duty for the environmental protection and people’s health.

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