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Indoor Athletics Track Prefabricated Surface

Indoor Athletics Track Prefabricated Surface

The athletics track provided by NovoTrack for indoor stadiums contains tear-resistant fibers and white nano-scale wear-resistant polymers, which make it have better physical properties. Help athletes to play their best level. Since the indoor is a confined space, there are very high requirements on the chemical properties of the runway materials. Novotrack's athletics track gets the Children's Product Certification, which is highly environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful substances. NovoTrack rubber running rolls is made by high temperature vulcanization and standing. The surface of the running track will not fall off, the service life is up to 10 years, and it can be reused to reduce environmental pollution.From the perspective of environmental protection, the pre-set rubber track will become more and more popular, and its use will become more and more common.

The color of the roll includes red, yellow, blue, green and gray. If you need other colors, we provide color customization services. We provide free samples, design solutions and product training. If there is a problem in the installation, we can solve it on site, or you can directly submit the project to us for completion. NovoTrack has an experienced installation team.

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