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Stadium Athletics Track

Stadium Athletics Track

Novotrack is specialized in prefabricated rubber running athletic track surfaces.Our running surfaces have passed the tests made by IAAF.

NovoTrack's natural rubber content is mainly synthetic rubber supplemented by TPU, nano-polymer, tear-resistant fiber and white nano-grade wear-resistant polymer. After the upper and lower layers of the runway are calendered, they are vulcanized and formed under high temperature and high pressure. The process is absolutely guaranteed that there will be no peeling of the upper and lower layers. The physical properties will decline by 2-3% per year, and the life span will reach more than ten years.

             Due to the uneven design of the surface texture, the friction between the running shoes and the surface of the runway is increased. The honeycomb design at the bottom of the runway not only greatly enhances the elasticity of the runway, but also provides the best anti-shock effect for athletes’ pedaling. The most effective protection for athletes' knee joints and ankle joints, to prevent hidden injuries or surface injuries caused by long-term training of athletes, and at the same time accelerate the rubber thrust, making it easier for athletes to achieve results. Therefore, this kind of material is basically used in international and domestic large-scale competitions.

NovoTrack provides free samples, product training, pre-design and solutions.

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