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Kindergarten Synthetic Playing Surfaces

Kindergarten Synthetic Playing Surfaces

Kindergarten is the place for children to grow up, and the health of children is of great concern to parents and schools. Therefore, the choice of materials for the ground floor of the kindergarten playground is particularly important.

The prefabricated rubber coils laid by NovoTrack do not contain any toxic heavy metals and harmful chemical substances, and their physical properties and chemical quotas fully meet the national standards and environmental protection requirements, which are truly for teachers and students Be healthy; and the synthetic playground surfaces relief and bottom concave nest not only provide enough foot friction, but also have excellent shock absorption capacity, providing a safe base for children's activities.

NovoTrack supply the color customization.On the premise of ensuring that children have a healthy and environmentally friendly track, provide children with a colorful world.
Providing free samples, site design and installation instructions.

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