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Athletic Rubber Track Giant and Professional Coliseum

Athletic Rubber Track Giant and Professional Coliseum

Issue Time:2021/02/01
Project Cases-Giant and Professional Coliseum

Jinan Olympic Sports Center
11th National Games of PRC-Jinan Olympic Sports Center
The Jinan Olympic Sports Center will gradually move towards the eastern new city of Jinan, starting from Jingshi Road in the north, Longao North Road in the south, Aoti East Road in the east, and Aoti West Road in the west. The construction was completed in 2009.
Area: 13,000 square meters
Color: red and green
Model: NTPR
Shenyang Wulihe Olympic Sports Center
12th National Games of PRC-Shenyang Wulihe Olympic Sports Center
Shenyang Wulihe Olympic Sports Center National Games Village is located in Hunnan New City. Construction was completed in 2013.
Area: 21,000 square meters
Color: red and green
Model: NTPR

Tianjin Olympic Sports Center
13th National Games of PRC-Tianjin Olympic Sports Center
The Tianjin Olympic Center is located on Binshui West Road in Tianjin. Construction was completed in 2017.
Area: 26,000 square meters
Color: red and green
Model: NTPR

Shaanxi Xi'an Suzaku Sports Center
14th National Games of PRC-Shaanxi Xi'an Suzaku Sports Center
The Shaanxi Provincial Stadium is located at No. 14 Chang'an North Road, Beilin District, Xi'an, northwest of the Chang'an Interchange on the South Second Ring Road. Construction between the South Second Ring Road, Chang'an North Road, Zhuque Street and Tiyu North Road will be completed in 2020.
Area: 15,000 square meters
Color: blue
Model: NTPR

Professionalism: Pass the IAAF and China Athletics Association's physical and chemical performance indicators of track and field runways.

Safety: The unique surface relief and concave bottom air cushion design provide a suitable impact absorption and energy return system, which can effectively improve sports performance while ensuring sports safety.

Eco-friendly: Does not contain any toxic heavy metals and harmful chemical substances, and its physical and chemical properties fully meet the national standards and environmental protection requirements. The rubber surface layer can still be recycled after its service life expires.

Long service life: Compared with polyurethane and similar products, it has extraordinary anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet abilities, long-lasting and stable color, no color difference, and a service life of more than 10