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China International Sporting Goods Fair 2020

China International Sporting Goods Fair 2020

Issue Time:2020-11-23
 China International Sporting Goods Show 2020

China International Sporting Goods Show is the only national, international and professional sporting goods exhibition in China. It is the largest and most authoritative sporting goods event in the Asia-Pacific region and a shortcut for global sports brands to enter the Chinese market. An important window for sports brands to show their strength to the world.
Based on innovation Professional manufacturer of asphalt machines. Our sales and R&D team have over 10 years'experience to focus on asphalt distributor, synchronous pavement surface vehicles and other road machinery and equipment. 

We are Chinese Athletic Association officially appointed supplier for the prefabricated rubber surfaces(2014-2017) and the rubber running surfaces supplier for the 11th/12th/13th National Games.
NovoTrack professional quality control research department makes sure the synthetic surfaces to be up to the IAAF standards.
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