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These seven amusement parks in the downtown area of ​​Tangshan are paved with plastic runways

These seven amusement parks in the downtown area of ​​Tangshan are paved with plastic runways

Issue Time:2020-07-01
In 2020, Lunan District aims to build a modern city, with the construction of key urban management projects as the starting point, to overcome difficulties and work hard, to carefully sculpt the urban green landscape and improve the happiness index of residents' lives.

Lunan District plans early, organizes a comprehensive survey of the greening of roads, amusement parks, and squares, lays out the construction plates for this year, and focuses on promoting Hualu (Nanxin Road- Xinyue Road), Jiefang Road (Jixiang West Road-Nanhu Avenue), Zengsheng Road (Defense Road-Xinhua Road) 3 new road greening projects, adding 3 new amusement parks and parks, adding 12 hectares of greenery and planting trees 6 Ten thousand strains. A plastic runway of 2616㎡ will also be paved to seven amusement parks including Yanjing Sports and Fitness Park, No. 45 Community Park, and Great Wall Park.

   Up to now, the district has completed the greening of a new road, adding 3 amusement parks and parks, planting 64,900 urban trees, adding 12.98 hectares of green land, and completing 90% of the pavement progress of the seven amusement park plastic runways. Since the beginning of this year, in order to further promote the implementation of the key projects of "One City, Two Cities" (Urbanization), Lunan District, in accordance with the overall deployment of the district committee and district government, aims to build a modern city, and focuses on the construction of key urban management projects In order to overcome difficulties and work hard, carefully sculpt the urban greening landscape and improve the residents' happiness index.

  New greening project

In order to improve the greening of the road, improve the landscape effect, and treat the exposed loess, Lunan District has taken Wenhua Road (Nanxin Road-Xinyue Road), Jiefang Road (Jixiang West Road-Nanhu Avenue), Zengsheng Road (Defense Road-Xinhua Road) 3 new roads were greened, 3 new amusement parks and parks were added, and 60,000 trees were planted on 12 hectares of green land.

  Lunan District proposes a multi-level, multi-variety, three-dimensional, and quick-effect greening model for these three newly built roads, highlighting the design concept of "tall, dense and colorful". At present, the greening project of Wenhua Road has been completed, the greening project of Jiefang Road is signing a construction contract, and the greening project of Zengsheng Road has demolished 242 square meters of bread bricks.

There are three new parks and amusement parks, namely, the southeast corner amusement park at the intersection of Guofeng Street and Xueyuan South Road, the greenland fitness park along the Dahongqiao Railway Line, and the Wanghezhuang depot amusement park. In order to facilitate the people's travel, the relevant units have reasonably arranged the construction period and optimized the construction procedures, which have all been completed.

Strengthen the dust control work during the construction process, install enclosures, and cover the exposed loess plots; strengthen the specifications and quality management of seedlings, strictly supervise the supervision, and unqualified seedlings are not allowed to enter the field; strengthen the supervision and management of greening maintenance, and promptly request the replacement of withered dead Seedlings to ensure the landscape effect. At present, the greening project of the cultural roads in the district and the addition of three new amusement parks have been completed. The remaining two new roads are being promoted in an orderly manner. A total of 64,900 trees have been planted in the city and 12.98 hectares of green space have been added.

Lunan District has paved plastic runways for seven amusement parks, in order to effectively improve the comfort and safety of citizens’ sports and play, including: Yanjing Sports Fitness Park, No. 45 Community Amusement Park, Great Wall Park, Wenbei West Building Garden, Wenbei Sports A total of 2616㎡ of plastic runway is paved in fitness garden, Jianguo Garden and labor union green space. These runways are not only beautiful, but also have the characteristics of proper elasticity, strong wear resistance and strong impact absorption, reducing residents' sports injuries. At present, the project has entered the construction site and completed 90% of the pavement progress.

The greening project is a major popular project related to whether the living environment of the people is livable. The leadership team of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Lunan District attaches great importance to it. It has called various relevant departments for dispatching and on-site office many times, and it has been required to develop work plans. In order to reverse the construction schedule and flip chart operations, clarify the responsible departments and responsible persons of each link to ensure that they are completed efficiently and with high quality according to time.

The bureau made preparations for the start of work early and accelerated the work process in an all-round way. It held a number of project-specific scheduling meetings, one by one, on the signing of construction contracts, site surveys, entry time, completion time, staffing, equipment arrangements, seedling procurement, construction organization, etc. All links are scheduled one-to-one, real-time feedback of work dynamics. It is required that the construction unit should advance the construction period, and it is never too late to enter the site one day earlier. It is the same day, it is too early, and the next day, it is too late. On the premise of ensuring time, the most important thing is to ensure safety, quality and effect.