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What is the inspection of China Athletics Association Class II venue?

What is the inspection of China Athletics Association Class II venue?

Update Time:2021/3/23
The inspection of the China Athletics Association Class II venue

The inspection of the Ⅱ track and field:

1. The layout and functions of the track and field venues should meet the requirements for holding the track and field competitions;

2. The flatness and thickness of the main track and auxiliary track of the track and field stadium shall meet the requirements of the IAAF for track and field venues;

3. The bonding between the runway surface layer and the base layer should be firm, without degumming and unevenness. The appearance of the synthetic surface layer runway should be free of bubbles, cracks or delamination, and the joints should be tight and straight without obvious traces;

4. The color of the runway should be uniform and consistent with the design requirements;

5. The track and field line is straight, even, and there are no virtual edges;

6. Runway width and lane width, height of inward projection, number of lanes and straight lanes, field specifications, embedded facility size, runway point line parameters, etc., shall comply with the requirements of the competition rules.


Certificates and plaques issued by the Chinese Athletics Association will be issued to the Class II track and field venues that have passed the inspection and acceptance.

The second-class venues can undertake events such as the National Workers’ Games, Farmers’ Games, Minority Games, Military Games, Provincial Games, National Sports College Games, Track and Field Games, Prefectural (City) Games, National Track and Field Individual Events, and local colleges and universities. Track and field competitions such as middle school sports games.